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  e could barely see, her eyes were watering horribly from the repeated gagging. She had thrown up twice, spewing bile, frothy saliva and swallowed cum all over her face and chest. It was humiliating, degrading, dehumanizing -- but the men didn“t seem to mind. Her stomach muscles hurt. She hurt everywhere. Finally the last one finished face fucking her. He pulled out and came all over her stomach. She was breathing hard now, trying to catch her breath as she rolled onto her side. She was a sticky mess. She felt a hand grab her hair and pull her head up. When she opened her eyes she saw her Master looking down at her. God, you“re a filthy mess, pig. We should clean you up. He laughed at her and spit in her face. I have a present for you pig, a nice little piggy tail. She moaned as he held up a large butt plug for her to see. It had a pink pig“s tail on the end of it. She crawled onto her hands and knees again presenting her ass to him. She hardly felt it as he slid it up her slimy ass. W rape free pics iggle your ass for us piggy. Yes Master, she whispered hoarsely, her throat scraped raw from repeated cocks. When she wiggled her ass, the tail flopped back and forth. The men thought this was incredibly funny. Oink for us piggy. Oink for us and we“ll take you upstairs and clean you up, someone said. The thought of being clean was encouragement enough to make her oink loudly, much to the amusement of the men. She started crying then, but willingly obeyed as the men made her crawl around and oink and sob. Ok pet, let“s go upstairs. Master grabbed her leash and led her up the stairs to the large master bathroom. The hard tile of the bathroom hurt her knees, but He let her up quickly. They turned her around so she could see herself in the mirror. She gasped as she saw herself: There were long trails of mascara running down her face, and lipstick smeared everywhere. Her hair was full of sticky cum, making it stick to her face in places. She could see bruises on her tits where they had gra
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rape free pics bbed her and twisted her nipples cruelly. She started crying anew when she noticed that at some point during the night someone had taken a pen and written on her body. The word whore was written across her forehead, and slut was written across her stomach. Between her legs was a sloppy mess, all the cum mixed together to coat her thighs. He watched her as she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked horrible, and her shoulders slumped as she wept. She had been used hard and looked every inch of it. He himself hadn“t fucked her all night; just let his friends have her. It had gone on for hours, at one point he had even left to get more beer. He wasn“t quite done with her yet though. He guided her to the bathtub, placing her on her knees. Look at me pet. She looked up at him with dejected eyes. Open your mouth. He was pulling out his dick and aiming it for her mouth. She obediently kept her mouth open. You couldn“t see it, but I wrote piss whore on your back. Let“s show my friends wh

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