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  f as they entered the neighborhood he wanted and murmured, International Embassy please. Jake spent the next two hours pretending to have a meeting with the American Consulate while taping a meeting that was taking place in the next office between a Middle Eastern Dignitary and his mark. His mark was a Finnish Diplomat and Jake was sure he was their mole. When the men had finished their meeting and exited the room, Jake artfully drew his meeting to a close and slipped out of the building. He moved out past the gate, returning the salute of the International Guardsmen. He strode away from the International Embassy, slowing to a stroll after several blocks. He was at the edge of Embassy row and the streets started to have shops and vendors. He was entering the neighborhood of high-class apartment high rises where many of the IEPA personnel lived. He stopped at a sidewalk cafť and ordered a black coffee at their window. His green gaze habitually noticed what was going on around him and h haffnium 72 e froze as he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He turned, his brow furrowing. Across the street, flower vendor. He watched himself buying some tulips. His head cocked slowly in disbelief as he walked away from the window, his coffee forgotten. His green eyes scanned the territory. There was an alley just behind the flower vendor. He knew he would have to be dead accurate and fast. As his twin was turning he caught his arm, murmuring, Military business, Sir, if you will step this way. His twin allowed himself to be tugged along beside Jake compliantly, saying nothing. Jake stopped midway down the alley where they couldn“t be seen. He looked at his double. The man was wearing blue jeans and a green cotton sweater. There was no aggression or fear response at all. The man“s green eyes simply looked pleasantly back at Jake. Jake regarded his mirror image with narrowed eyes. You have two seconds to tell me who you are. His double blinked at him and murmured, I am Jake Navarro.
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haffnium 72 Jake“s eyes flickered. Of course, the compliance, the innocent look, the lack of fear or curiosity, and now the clincher, the tone of voice. He was talking to a skin job. He murmured, What series are you? The robot spoke back, I have an appointment, I“m sorry. And started to move away. Jake bit out a programming code override, Override Alpha three seven Delta. The Bot stopped and turned toward Jake, his voice without inflection. I am Jake 1, Series 10 Pleasure Unit. Jake“s eyebrows nearly jumped off of his skull. Someone had made his image into a *Pleasure Unit*? He murmured, Who is your owner? The Bot smiled, I“m sorry. I really can“t stay, I need to... Jake snarled out, Override Alpha Alpha four three. The Bot“s voice spoke again without inflection, Jake 1 is the property of Samantha Waterson. Jake“s mouth dropped open. No. Way. His eyes started gleaming. Oh this wasŇthis wasŇthis was too much. Ice Queen Waterson had an illegal skin job that looked like him. Not just a Bot, a *Plea

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