Evil Thumbs

Would you laugh if you knew? Would you smile? Vella turns on her cd player and the erotic music plays out a deep, thumping melody. Its reverberations are so intoxicating that the music alone turns her on. She grabs a towel and turns on the shower. Her thoughts are of the strange but definitely gorgeous master of the night before. Her fingers still run over the silver collar every now and then to reassure her that she has not dreamt the entire episode. dirty hentai

She tosses her clothes in a heapon the floor, seriously pissed off at having had to wear a turtle neck to work to cover the collar. ‘It’s summer time for Christ sake. I must have looked like an ad for ‘What not to wear.’ She thought. ‘I really just need to blow off some steam.’ She steps into the hot stream. Sighing with the absolute pleasure of luxuriating in the hot water as it sluices down her body. It’s constant stream sending ripples of delight over her sensitive skin. She leans her head back as the water splashes over her face, down her breasts, over her belly, and down. She grasps the soap and lathers her shoulder. Her mind plays out the events of last night. Closing her eyes, she sees him, looking at her with that incredible gaze. Her fingers move the soap over her breasts, pinching her nipples and pretending it’s his hand that is caressing her. The warm water kisses her lips... she runs her tongue over their plump fullness, remembering, but not quite, the elusive taste of his mouth on hers.

She begins to dance slowly in the shower, her hips moving to the rhythm of the music. She wraps her arms around herself and then holding her arms over her head as if he were possessing her. Oh, how she wishes he were there making her bend to his will!

She shampoos her hair. Frothing bubbles slide down her body, over her rounded ass, her thighs and calves. The feel of them slinking over her nakedness is much like his fingers lightly playing over her skin.

Rinsing her hair, she moves the soap slowly down over her hips and thighs, still tender from the master’s use. Unable and unwilling to let these delicious feelings fade, she runs the soap over her pulsating pussy. A moan of unadulterated bliss falls from her lips, primal with its low tone. She feels herself contract. Her only awareness is of the warmth of the shower, the pulse of the music, and the whisper light sensation of soap on her skin.

She is oblivious of him watching her. He studies her as she sways. He waits for this luscious scene to unfold, his interest plainly evidenced by the bulge in his pants. And quietly, he leans against the wall, assessing and planning. brutal hentai

As vella slips down the wall of the shower, her fingers grazing over her clit, her moans permeate the steam filled room. Her hands work their magic, her fingers flicking over her clit and diving into her sodden pussy, pumping to the tempo of her writhing hips. Suddenly, she stills, her body tenses and a shrill cry of the most base excitement cascades from her lips.

For a few moments, she just sits on the floor of the shower, allowing the water to pour over her. ‘I am a slut. But, I certainly don’t care when I have orgasms like that!’ she thinks. Slowly she resumes her shower. She rinses the soap from her skin with languor. She laughs quietly, “Next time, I will bring in my vibrator for sure!”

“That is if I allow you to use a vibrator.” A low but confidant voice replies. Vella shrieks her alarm. “What are you doing here? Why do you keep breaking into my house and do you have the damn key to this collar thing you put on my neck?” she demanded as she slaps off the water and steps from the shower.

She grabs a towel and begins to wrap herself in it but before she can complete that task her master takes the towel from her grip. “I have not given you permission to cover yourself, girl. Consider yourself forewarned. I will only tolerate so much before you taste my displeasure. The ‘collar thing’ will remain about your neck as I have plans for you and if you pass my requirements, I may just keep you. I don’t consider myself as having broken into the house of the girl I own.” His firm voice infiltrates her muddled brain.

Stunned is the only word to describe her feelings. ‘I’ve never had a man want me like this.’ She gapes at him. She is unsure of what to do. Taking a deep breath, she begins, “Look, I have to admit I had fun last night, but seriously, this is all a bit too cloak and dagger for me. Yes, I have read about this kind of lifestyle and yes, I have had an odd thought about it, but the long and short of it is that I am just a normal single girl, looking for a normal single guy. So, if you wouldn’t mind, please just take off this silly collar and we’ll just put this down as a fun time and move on.”

He laughed quietly. “You have no idea just how serious I am, do you? This isn’t just a bit of fun or just something you’ve read about. I believe in this

corpotal punishmentlifestyle and I know that you are more than curious about it. You would never have been able to respond as you did last night if you weren’t born to do it. I will not remove the collar. I have claimed you and I know that thrills you to the marrow.” He takes her by the elbow and moves her to her bedroom. “I will have you, girl and it is all as simple as that.”

“Listen, buster, there is a fine line between getting what you want and a little something called rape!” exclaims Vella. She puts her hands on her hips, oblivious of the fact that she is naked and her breasts are heaving with indignation. “What an ego you must have. To think that you can walk into my house and tell me that you ‘own’ me is the most repugnant thing I can think of.” She goes on to say but her inner voices are thundering loud in her head. ‘What are you? Crazy? This guy is gorgeous and the most action you’ve had in over a year. Shut up already’ but she ignores her thoughts and continues her tirade as she moves to the side of her bed. “What balls you have, mister. We’ll just see what the police have to say.”

She picks up the phone and begins to dial. When all of a sudden she is slammed onto the bed and pinned under her master’s weight, the phone falling to the floor with a soft thud. “You are trying my patience. Though I do have to say I admire spunk, I do not enjoy disrespect and I will not endure it.” He says as he holds her face firmly in his hand. “That outburst will be your last.” His breath warm against her skin. His mouth captures hers and though she longs to fight because isn’t that what you’re supposed do? She melts with his taste, his strength, overwhelming her.

“No more speaking, vella,” her master states. He leans up and looks into her eyes, seeing the ‘normal single girl’ struggling to come to grips with the slave within. In hushed tones he lulls her, “I know that you want a man to make you feel alive. You don’t want a weak man who you can order about. How you would grow to detest him. You see the strength in me and it makes you shudder with excitement. The most important thing is to trust that I will care for you, girl. I won’t harm you. The most valuable thing you have to offer me is your gift of submission. I see it in you and I mean to bring it out.”

Vella watches her master with wide eyes, like a deer caught in headlights. Knowing that he is right only makes her more wary. She longs to cup his cheek and tell him that she will submit to him but something stops her. She is immobile with the dawning of her realization that she wants to give over to this man. She does trust him not to hurt her. ‘After all, if he wanted to, he could have killed me last night when I was bound.’ Her thoughts rationalize.

From his pockets he produces a length of rope. Vella gazes at it. Her nostrils flair slightly as she inhales deeply with anticipation. ‘Will he use me like last night?’ Her eyes follow his every movement as he ties her hands together at the wrists, and then to the bedposts. He ties her ankles to the base of the bed, allowing her no quarter. She pulls on her wrists to test the strength of her boundaries. She doesn’t speak as the memory of the taste of the rubber gag ball stops her for uttering a single word. Her mind screams a zillion questions that seem to show so clearly in her eyes.

She closes her eyes to hide her feelings. She listens as her master sheds his clothes. The mattress dips as he climbs up to her, straddling her chest he gently touches her face. “Look at me.” She does so. Her every sense relishes all his glory as he rests his weight on his knees. “Tonight, you will pleasure me and in doing so, you will find your pleasure.”

He pulls her hair but not quite sharp enough to bring tears to her eyes. She knows what he wants, her tongue darts out to taste the skin of tip of his cock. Before she can continue, he pulls her hair harder to get her attention. “Did I say you could touch me?”

“Master, please. I don’t know what you would have me do. I only want to taste you. I want to pleasure you.” She murmurs, stunning herself as much as her master.

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